2016 Lincoln Aviator Specs

2016 Lincoln Aviator would be produced as a powerful and reliable SUV.When we are talking about 2016 Lincoln Aviator we need to know that everything we say or write is hypothetical since this car is shrouded by a veil of mystery. Namely, there is no specific date of the official debut of this SUV on the world stage; furthermore, there are not any indicators regarding the release of this SUV in the official dealerships around the world. Despite all of this, it is speculated that this SUV would be available for sales during the last months of 2015 or even during the beginning of 2016.

New 2016 Lincoln Aviator

2016 Lincoln Aviator Price

If we once again reconsider the all that was written above, then it is not surprise at all that the logical conclusion is that the manufacturer has not released any remotely precise data for the pricing of 2016 Lincoln Aviator. We would have to wait a little bit longer to get the first price estimations for this SUV.


Lincoln Aviator 2016

The exterior design of 2016 Lincoln Aviator would certainly be there to show how powerful and strong this SUV. This would be most evident from the edges and lines of the SUV which would be very masculine and sharp looking. Nevertheless, this SUV would be also carefully designed in order to be aesthetically pleasing in order to suffice the demands of the modern market. Also, the engine would have four doors and a cargo opening. Regarding the cargo area, it would be more than sufficient for trips and journeys, even for transportation of materials.

2016 Lincoln Aviator Interior

2016 Lincoln Aviator Interior

The interior would be quite enough for seven passengers of three seat rows. Furthermore, the manufacturer would use leather and wood materials for the production of seats and upholstery. Also, modern accessories would not be an exception since this SUV would also be trendy. Some of these would be Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

2016 Lincoln Aviator Specs

Since we are talking about the model which is still an enigma, then it is not surprise at all to conclude that 2016 Lincoln Aviator does not have any specific engine specifications. Nevertheless, it is believed that this powerful SUV would be equipped with the 4-cam engine. Moreover this would be the engine with 32 valves and this would also be a V8 engine. However, it is not precisely known what amount of power this engine would be able to produce, and this would have to wait for additional information. Additionally, it is not known what type of transmission and with how many speeds this SUV would have, but it is speculated that this SUV would have automatic transmission. Furthermore, there are certain rumors which claim that the SUV would have both the front-wheel driving system and the four-wheel driving system. Also, it is reported that a lot of effort would be invested in order to make this SUV to have reduced fuel consumption in comparison to previous models.

The combination of power and great engine would work perfectly for 2016 Lincoln Aviator.

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