2016 Lincoln MKC Review Release Date

The MKC is one of the newest cars from Lincoln, only being released on the market at the end of 2014. The small luxury crossover quickly managed to get a fair share of the market for itself mostly thanks to its great interior and powerful engines. However, it was not perfect and in order to solve some of those issues, Lincoln decided to release an update with the 2016 Lincoln MKC. This new model comes with a few new features as well as a few upgraded ratings which should now please most of its customers.

2016 Lincoln MKC Review

2016 Lincoln MKC


While its design did not change all that much, this is one of the few Lincoln cars to manage to depart itself from the Ford counterpart, in this case the Escape, a weaker car in pretty much every way. The best part about the MKC is the fact that it is quite cheap when compared to its competitors and it is also one of the better equipped cars in its class. The base price for the 2016 model starts at just over $34,000 while a fully equipped car should not get past $45,000 which is still well under the price of some of its competitors.

Lincoln MKC

2016 Lincoln MKC Specs

Under the hood of the new model, there are the same two engines as before, both of them being turbocharged EcoBoost mills. While these are not the most fuel efficient engines on the market, they offer the car really nice driving characteristics. The base model comes equipped with a 2 liter inline 4 which is capable of 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque while the more powerful version is a 2.3 liter inline 4 which is basically the same engine as the one in the Mustang. This offers a bigger output at 275 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque and the best part about it is that it is similarly fuel efficient. Both of them are available with front or all wheel drive and both of them come equipped with a 6 speed automatic gearbox.

The 2016 model also received an upgrade to its towing rating which has been raised to 3,000 pounds for the 2.3 liter model equipped with the optional tow package.

In terms of design, the 2016 Lincoln MKC is one of the better looking models to come from the American manufacturer. The newest model remained pretty much unchanged over the previous version, the only notable difference being the addition of a new color option. Inside the cabin on the other hand there has been a bit more work. The infotainment system has been upgraded to the latest Ford’s unit, the Sync 3 which has been voted in numerous times as one of the best.

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