The most common problems of Ford EcoBoost

Ford EcoBoost is one of the best engine that appeared. However, there are some challenges which has encountered. Ford is facing a lawsuit which threatening to tarnish the carefully natured image of the Ecoboost engines.

Some of the allegations of the ford owners includes: rapid loss of power, shuddering, shaking and inappropriate limp mode transition. In addition to that, there are more reports from reviewers that the Ecoboost engines don’t give out their promised fuel efficiency during its driving performance.

The recent compliance are part of general observation by the customer’s that the standard of Ecoboost engines are low. This is because the vehicle uses turbocharging. This has failed to live up their advertised promises of fuel economy which is better.

Ford EcoBoost

According to the national highway traffic safety administration, there has been approximately 1,000 complains related to the performance of Ford EcoBoost.

Since the 3.5 liter v-6 engine was introduced three years ago (2011), there are technical services which has been issued by ford to dealers concerning how to fix the acceleration problems. However, the problems have not been solved. Apart from the highlighted Ecoboost challenges, other problems revolve around the acceleration at highway speed, wet and rainy conditions.

Ways of dealing with the Ecoboost problems

The most recent information which was issued recently informs the consumers on ways of diagnosing moisture accumulation in the cooler. The report further illustrates about heat exchangers which cools down the compressed air before reaching the combustion chamber. In addition, the bulletin explains further ways of programming the power terrain control module, replacing the air deflector plate and installing a new charge air cooler.

problems of Ford EcoBoost

Ford spokeswoman has said that majority of the vehicles are expected to be under warranty. According to the statistics which has been released, about 4,000 Ecoboost trucks which were sold between 2011 and 2013 might have been having the problems.

In conclusion, Ford had commented about the negativity of Ecoboost which the company has elevated to be most important brand. The Ford spokesman has said that they are committed to make the vehicle to be the best. For that reason, they have created the Ecoboost technology which will avoid the above problems. Nevertheless, it has played a huge role in the growth of Ford’s market share for the last few years. This has enabled the company to pitched competition with other auto brands. Apart from the challenges, Ford EcoBoost is still the best vehicle. Therefore, you can buy the vehicle since Ford and his team has tried to solve the problems.

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